Why SaaS Execution Matters More Than The Idea

Uber started by planning to simply buy cars and offer a white-glove on-demand service.

It was March 2009 when the company started, but they went for VC funding in 2008. They say pretty clearly in their initial pitch deck how the only “technological” advancement they’re looking for is the following:

“Users would be able to hail the car through a couple of clicks”

No platform, no sharing economy, no “rent an electrical bike”, no UberPool or anything like that.

We sit back and look at Uber and say “wow, what a wonderful concept. Everyone uses cars but no one thought of this sharing economy thing”.

The big catch?

No one does. At least not while staying on the sofa and thinking. It only comes to the mind when you’re doing.

THAT is why execution matters more than ideas. Because good, proper ideas come through executing.

Of course, don’t go for a shit idea. But even an average one will give you what you’ll need: insight into the users’ mind that will allow you to come up with the perfect idea.

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