Learn From Apple How Your SaaS Can Steal The Spotlight

“Observe a weak point in the market and capitalize on it” sounds good. But it’s a bit abstract.

You know that kid in grade school who used to take to his advantage the fact that someone else got the answer wrong? And thus he doubled his rewards?

That’s Apple right now. And it’s a smart move. I’ve been saying for quite some time that they’re going into a “Privacy company” direction because of how:

  1. Underserved the market is
  2. Demanding it becomes for privacy

Last night with their announcements that was confirmed 100% — though everything that happened so far lined it up pretty nicely.

Facebook is that kid in grade school who got the wrong answer. Apple is the one who turns it into their advantage.

Plus, they’ve got the size and resources needed to make it happen. And to top it off, let’s think of it this way: Facebook’s oxygen is their users’ data. Apple? They’re pretty bulletproof over there.

That’s why they’ll get all the love.

The trophy was there all the time. Love from the people and appreciation was behind it. It just happened that it was within Apple’s reach.

What can we learn as SaaS founders?

A trophy like this might be within your hand’s reach as well.

We look back through history and admire generals or country leaders because of what they’ve done. But sometimes we say “Wow, that was so obvious, how did no one see it before?”

Or “Why didn’t she or he make that decision faster?”

It’s simple: we don’t see. So please use this reading as an incentive to start seeing. It’s easier said than done, but you at least know what you have to add to the equation: sight.


What is it that your competitors do where they’re the grade school kid who gets the answer wrong?

And as a consequence, the answer will come: how you will become the one who doubles its rewards.

It’s easier said than done but… doing (or rather, seeing) becomes easier when you start talking to those who are on the other end of your competitor’s answers: their users.

It’s what the common literature describes as “finding out the pain points of your competition” — that’s classic text.

But wrap this boring lesson in the “grade school kid” analogy and it’ll work better.

Now go see ?.

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