How Can I Create More Value Through My SaaS?

Every good business solves an expensive problem. SaaS companies are no exception.

Stripe solves an expensive problem — how can you accept payments as easy as possible.

Microsoft solves expensive problems. Tons of problems.

We’re always looking at who will want to buy our service when thinking of customers. Or better yet, “rent” our software as we promise the offer of making it better.

We’re always thinking of those people, because we want to produce more value to them. Here’s something interesting: we might get stuck into thinking about them and them only.

What is my point? Maybe after a certain point there’s also value in the eyes of another (bigger) company. That’s not to say “forget about your users”, if you’ve read some of my other posts, chances are you’ve seen what my take is on that one.

But we’re sometimes at crossroads where we have to decide the direction of the company. And taking this into account might help.

MailChimp’s doing more and more for SMBs? Maybe you’ll think about a new feature of your app that would integrate nicely into them, if they were to acquire your company.

Not to compete with them, rather to supplement.

Oh? American Express is buying Resy? And besides, they’ve already bought Mezi and LoungeBuddy?

That means they’re onto something, and you can read through their actions with these acquisitions.

Think about it.

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